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TRAV-AD has been using LED Technology for 10 years. If you are looking to save money and become more competitive in today's market, operating costs are the one-line item that owners have the most control over. Investing in more efficient measures, especially lighting, can have the biggest (the most noticeable) impact on your business' Bottom Line while providing an attractive ROI. Additionally, LED technology is made to last up to 20 times longer than traditional lighting... virtually eliminating maintenance costs for years to come. By partnering with our U.S. Suppliers, TRAV-AD uses new LED Technology to evaluate and modernize your lighting requirements.


  • More Effective Lighting & Color Reproduction
  • Employees and Customers feel safer at night
  • Extremely Energy Efficient
  • Reduce Energy Consumption Up to 75%
  • Virtually Maintenance Fee
  • Reduces maintenance cost up to 95%
  • Most LED luminaires are warrantied at least 5 years
  • Some U.S. manufacturers have 10 year warranties
  • Incentives
  • Less Heat (No UV or IR Light Radiation)
  • Mercury and Lead Free


Green" is good, and LED lighting is certainly a technology that embraces Green practices. LED lighting offers improved Green attributes over traditional lighting solutions in the following manner:

  • LED Lighting is recyclable and uses no Mercury.
  • LED Lighting is incredibly energy efficient consuming only 20% - 30% of the energy of traditional lighting. Because of this efficiency very little heat is emitted from LED lights.
  • LED lighting has Dark Sky advantages. Because LED lighting is focused with little diffusion, it significantly reduces the amount of night sky illumination.
  • LED lighting typically lasts for 100,000 hours. At 12 hours per day, this is over 21 years of life. Maintenance and light replacements are practically eliminated as well as the environmental impact of the Maintenance requirements.

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