Custom Street Signs

Trav-Ad Signs is the premier supplier of custom street signs for Huntsville, Alabama*, and many other municipalities within 250 or so miles of our headquarters. We offer a variety of standard signs, including:

  • Road signs
  • Highway signs
  • State and federal government signs
  • Commercial road signs
  • Residential street signs

Trav-Ad Signs is very well known for our experience in helping clients create your own street signs that display names, locations, historical facts, and other relevant travel information. These personalized road signs can also incorporate reflective lettering, and covers, to make them more visible to drivers in the dark. For general contractors who are required to provide their own signage, we offer street sign packages that include common road signs, including temporary road instruction signs for construction and paving projects.

No street sign request is too small, or too large, for us to produce in-house, including custom street signs. We can produce most sign requests in two weeks or less. We also have an expert crew that will install all Trav-Ad street signs for you - all we require is a plat. Please visit with a representative from Trav-Ad Signs to help determine the best street sign solution for you.

*The following colors and materials shall be consistently used, with exceptions only allowed with written consent of the City of Huntsville, Alabama.

1. All reflective sheeting shall be made of High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Sheeting for TYPE IV, VII and VIII. Any "Or Equal" vendor materials must be approved by the City of Huntsville, Alabama, prior to any manufacturing or installations.

Currently approved materials are:
• 3M #3930, HIP Silver/White • 3M #3931, HIP Yellow • 3M #3932 HIP Red • 3M #4083 HIP Fluorescent Yellow Green • 3M #3924 HIP Orange • 3M #3955 HIP Blue

2. All Electronic Cut Acrylic Film for Type IV, VII and VIII shall use the following approved materials. Any "Or Equal" vendor materials must be approved by the City of Huntsville, Alabama, prior to use.

• 3M #1177C Acrylic Film Green • 3M #1179C Acrylic Film Brown • 3M #1172C Acrylic Film Red • 3M #1178C Acrylic Film Black • 3M #1175C Acrylic Film Blue • 3M #1174C Acrylic Film Orange • 3M #1171C Acrylic Film Yellow

Finished Projects

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Custom Street Signs

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