Custom Awnings

Businesses often utilize awnings to protect entrances and windows, and also use awnings to provide shelter from storms, however, that's not all they can do. Trav-Ad Signs offers a wide range of standard and custom awnings, including:

  • Window and door awnings that provide shade, therefore helping reduce the consumption of energy, and keeping your business cooler during summer months
  • Window awnings that prolong the life of your furniture and flooring by shield them from direct sunlight
  • Porch covers and patio covers that prevent premature deterioration of exterior doorways, and keep your porch or patio cooler during the summer; and also save energy by decreasing absorption of heat by the walls of your business

From our state-of-the-art facility in Huntsville, Alabama, Trav-Ad Signs can design and produce business awnings in hundreds of colors, shapes and sizes, making them an outstanding option when it comes to drawing attention to your company name and logo, and branding your business.

Additional reasons to have Trav-Ad Signs create your next awning:

  • Awnings increase the value of your business by enhancing curb appeal
  • A set of simple awnings, when correctly installed, will offer shelter, and shade, and noticeably reduce your energy bills
  • Trav-Ad Signs offers awning installation, awning maintenance, and awning repair

Finished Projects

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