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An exterior ground sign, often referred to as a monument sign, is an excellent type of ground level sign to use when you want to get your business parks, restaurant, hotel, office building, or any type of commercial property noticed. Custom monument signage from Trav-Ad Signs are highly versatile ground signage options that can be created and produced in styles that will match your brand; and increase the visibility of your business. Most outdoor monument signs contain a business name, logo, and information your customers and prospective customers will find useful. For buildings that don't already have a readily visible front, using well-placed exterior monument sign can mean the difference between someone driving past, or stopping in to visit, your business.

Typically made from brick and mortar, stone, stainless steel, concrete, plastic, aluminum, or other durable materials, commercial monument signs can be non-illuminated, or have LED displays, or lighting, incorporated in ways to help draw the attention of those driving or walking by your business. These types of outdoor ground signs are durable and handle all kinds of weather incredibly well.

With close to 50 years of experience, Trav-Ad Signs has the in-house knowledge and know how to engineer, design, produce, install, and maintain indoor and outdoor signs, including monument signs, that will beautifully, and prominently display the name of your business.

Please contact one of our sales representatives today to discuss the many ways we can help with your next exterior ground signage project.

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