Electronic Message Center

An Electronic Message Center (EMC), sometimes referred to as a LED display, or Jumbotron, or outdoor LED sign, is an exterior building sign capable of displaying words, symbols, figures or images that can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means. So, not only do EMC's offer extremely flexible advertising opportunities, they can also provide easy-to-update, simple, and helpful messages about current and upcoming events, weather, specials and special events, and much more.

BENEFITS of Electronic Message Centers (LED Displays)

Businesses rely on EMC's for a number of reasons:

  • They are innovative and modern
  • Research shows they have a proven track record of increasing awareness, and, more importantly, sales
  • They provide businesses the opportunity to offer multiple messages, and messages that can be quickly and easily updated

Sometimes Electronic Message Centers are compared to Digital Billboards, however, there are differences. Learn More from the International Sign Association (ISA)


Before committing to an Electronic Message Center, you should first make sure your community doesn't have restrictions against them, or guidelines related to the EMC size (can be as small as 2 x 4 sq./ft., or, in the case of a Jumbotron, as large as 20 x 80 sq.ft.). Some communities will also restrict their hold time, and their capabilities. And often these restrictions are justified due to aesthetics, or safety concerns.

Finding Common Ground

When electronic message centers are permitted, installed and operated using industry recommendations, and within community standards, the concerns of local officials can be overcome so that businesses, churches, civic organizations, and others, can use EMCs to effectively communicate with the community.

Contact Trav-Ad Signs to discuss the messages you'd like to communicate to your customers, and we'll create the most effective Electronic Message Center for you – perhaps an integrated LED sign, and independent LED sign, a monument LED sign, a Jumbotron, or even a very small LED display.

Finished Projects

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Electronic Message Center Signs

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