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Give your business or commercial property advertising flexibility with an electronic message sign (EMC) ! If you're not familiar, electronic message centers are digital screens that can produce messages about events, weather, specials and more on an exterior sign outside of your business! You may be familiar with Electronic Message Centers also known as jumbotrons and how they can benefit your business. Electronic message centers can come as small as 2 x 4 sq./ft. or as large as 20 x 80 sq./ft.! These signs can display new information or relevant business information for clients who drive by. You may use it to promote events or to display the date and weather conditions, or relay your business name in a moving fashion. Although the technology may seem intimidating, electronic message centers can be easily changed with a user-friendly software that can be controlled via PC, tablet, or mobile devices and can be controlled remotely or from different locations. Keep your clients up-to-date with everything they need to know using electronic message center!

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Electronic Message Center Signs

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