Case Study:

MLS Next Pro is bringing professional soccer to
Wicks Family Field at Joe Davis Stadium in Huntsville, AL.

NSH NEXTCO invited Trav-Ad Signs to design, produce, install, and maintain the majority of exterior signage at the new Wicks Family Field at Joe Davis Stadium, including:

  • Channel signs on the raceway, with each channel letter formed by hand
  • Push-through acrylic cabinets that had to be precisely cut on an overhead router
  • Outdoor Signs and letters wired with LED's in place
  • Multiple outdoor building sign locations that required vinyl signage applications to be applied during rainy season

Challenges were many, including a head-spinning turnaround time. The installation team also had to deal with height and location challenges for some of the exterior building signs; an abnormally long distance from power for some of the digital signs that required retro fitting; incorporating old fashioned ingenuity to work around the fact that no heavy equipment was allowed to enter the field during installation time; and the importance of a strict adherence to OSHA rules. With respect to the application of vinyl signs, the project occurred during the Huntsville, AL rainy season, so conditions were constantly changing, and applying vinyl, which is tricky even when the weather is perfect, is an altogether different task when wet, and dry, and wet, and dry, etc. Just about every night that the Trav-ad team was set-up to apply vinyl wall signs it would pour down rain, so swamp fans had to be used to keep the walls completely dry. Ken, the project manager, did a great job keeping all the moving parts together. Communication was the real key to success, as there was no time for errors, or for do-overs.

When it was all said and done, a significant amount of man, and woman, hours went into making sure the stadium would open on time. And every aspect of the Trav-Ad played a key role – design/graphics (who worked many late nights to ensure everything came together), fabrication, project management, and installation. The combination of experience, talent, hard work, sacrifice, and the rolling up of sleeves, by everyone, made it all happen. Sure it was challenging. And, in the end, it was also very, very rewarding, with the raucous sharing of many compliments, and many congratulations.

"Trav-Ad Signs has been a strong performer on any job I've used them for.
When Nashville SC asked me who they should contract to work on their signs for Joe Davis Stadium I did not hesitate to recommend Trav-Ad above all others. Not only does Trav-Ad perform well on projects, but on two occasions they've been brought in to assist when other sign fabricators could not perform well, or meet deadline requirements. Such was the case at Joe Davis Stadium. With only a few weeks before opening day, Trav-Ad stepped up to the plate and provided design and installation of several large signs that another sign company could not handle; and had them operational by game time. Trav-Ad crews were responsive, and communicated well, keeping everyone informed. Two people in particular, Sandi Singletary and Ken Comer, always made it a point to ask questions, and were great about letting the design team know if there was a better way of doing things in order to make the job better. Both provided a level of care that is hard to come by in today's uncertain construction world.
It is obvious that Trav-Ad provides quality work. And they go above and beyond to deliver their work when they say they will. I will continue to support Trav-Ad Signs as a team member whenever the opportunities arise."

- Robert Mercer
Senior Architect / Design Director
Chapman Sisson Architects

Case Study: Movable Billboards

Over a 20 hour period vinyl graphics were applied to the front and back surface of each of these forty different 150 pound boards, which were then rolled into place and set up along the sidelines.

"As is often the case in this industry, Trav-Ad Signs was given a very tight schedule for design and construction of the signage for our Wicks Family Field at Joe Davis Stadium project. They not only met those challenges, but we awarded them additional scope based on their performance."


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